Previous projects

Nine by Nine Lettering Design (2018)

Nine by Nine Lettering Design (2018)

Happy Go Lucky (2019)

Happy Go Lucky (2019)

Pattern Design in House for Rex London (2017) ©Rex London

Pattern Design in House for Rex London (2017) ©Rex London

Gif and Sticker design Givignli (2018)

Gif and Sticker design Givignli (2018)

Lettering Design

You can commission me to design a custom lettering for your project!  

Do you need some lettering for your your greeting cards, prints, website, logo, your blog, custom lettering for your event or invitations,  then get in touch with me! However big or small the project, get in touch!

Check out my Lettering Design project for inspiration.



You can hire me to do a custom illustration, for your greeting cards, magazine, blog, book, or anything you can think of. Get in touch and we can talk though your ideas! 

Check out my Illustration project for inspiration.


Pattern Design

Commission me to create a custom pattern, for your clothing brand, for wrapping paper, for a beautiful background for your website or any ideas that you have! 

Check out my Pattern Design project for inspiration.


Digital Content

Digital graphics for anything from gif’s and stickers, instagram content to lettered quotes, anything you can think of!

Check out my Digital Content project for inspiration.



Commission me to creating your branding, this can include anything from the logo for your brand, business cards, stationery design for your brand.


Licensing my Designs 

See a design you like?

If you would like to use one of my patterns or illustrations you can license the design. Which means  you pay a fixed fee depending on the amount of product and the years you wish to use the pattern or illustration for. With this option please note that you will not own the design out right but it is a cheaper way of using my designs.